To keep me out of trouble as a youngster, a kindly sign painter took me in and taught me about letters. Since then, I’ve painted, printed, designed, directed, pasted up, swept up and once I inadvertently ate lead paint. I think the only media I’m missing is skywriting, but who reads anymore?

After a number of years as a designer and art director, I have got myself involved in copywriting. I guess that somewhere along the way, after years of reading other writers’ work, I got fed up and thought, “Well, see here! I can do that!” So here I am. Doing that.

I don’t think I’ve had this much fun since live television.

Aside from becoming a curmudgeonly sort, who refers to anyone younger than myself as “sport,” or “son,” I have taken on the portfolio of Director of Marketing with the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Marketing Association. We stage a number of extravagant events throughout the year, including our famous CMA Charity Golf Tournament, and recently, Christmas@Cannes.

Give me a call and I’ll talk about writing, bang on about event planning and eventually, end up rambling about how kids today don’t know from CMYK, and how angry that makes me.

What follows are some of my favourite pieces from the last few years. Obviously I haven’t been working in seclusion, so I have tried to acknowledge the people who contributed wherever I can.

Dion Zdunic
Writer. Designer. Raconteur.