The second year of Calgary CMA's Christmas@Cannes event was a greater success than any of us could have expected. We managed to take an event that was unattended and unloved, and transform it into a nationally recgonized event, attended by well over 900 people at an amazing venue, and even got the the inimitable Nano Hawa to dress up as a mime.

Art Direction: Filipe Biondi Copy and Design: Dion Zdunic Photography: Chris Sattlegger Terror-inducing silent clown: Nano Hawa



Silence is golden

The number of woodland creatures that are now without a home, due to the amount of collateral produced for this event, would surely be heartbreaking.

But we gave NABS a pile of money, so… 50/50?


Love it or hate it.

Turns out that one woman hated it. Whilst taking photos in downtown Calgary, this poor woman was so terrified of our jaunty little mime, that she ran away, screaming in terror.


Sponsor Kit

The event was heavily sponsored by agencies, media and suppliers. We built a robust student component into the show this year, to try and warn the youngsters of the perils of life in advertising. It didn't work. They still want to do this for a living.


The Mime Gets Let Go

All good things come to an end. We ran this before the reel as part of the Watermark's sponsorship.

After a near tragedy with the sound, Nano realized that it was about a mime and didn't really need any sound.

The sound of 900 people laughing is pleasant indeed.

Watch it.


Christmas@Cannes 2010



How the hell?

This is exactly what came out of my mouth when they told me that they wanted a series of lines to promote this event.

Then we laughed. Then we ran it.



Much as I watch these reels and laugh and cry and laugh and put away a bunch of nachos, I also not-so-secretly hate everyone up on that screen. So it's honest advertising.



Watching two hours of :30 spots… you'll need a notebook if you want to steal the really good stuff.