Getting in your wallet

An elaborate direct mail piece was conceived to explain the unique set of challenges that an American retailer would face when attempting to begin operations in Canada. These were filled with Canadian Tire money, a few bucks worth of Canadian coins, and a series of cards, illustrating the differences between ourselves and our cousins to the south.

It took weeks to get all those crinkly bits of paper out of the office.

Copy: Dion Zdunic Design: Anna De Felice





The wallets were packed in red and white packing paper and shipped to the heads of retail chains in the US, who were considering a move northward.

We tried to impress upon them that cold winters and metric would be the least of their problems.


Our other currency

We scoured the office for Canadian Tire money to add to these packages. By the time we were done, there was enough for an oil change and a pack of light bulbs.



All about us

For something that is as common as retail, there are, as I learned through this process, a vast number of differences between our countries.

It certainly helped to have a genuine American, to speak American, to other Americans.