My life in theatre

My first job, at the tender age of 13, was working in the coat check room at Rosebud Theatre, helping little old ladies on and off with their winter coats. For the last twenty years I’ve stayed involved. “Every time I think I’m out…” To say that I am deeply familiar with the pieces needed to sell the arts would be a gross understatement.

I spent most of the last decade working closely with the Artistic and Executive Directors. Over that time we grew a small, regional concern into what is now Alberta’s largest rural theatre, hosting over 40,000 people annually. Not bad for a town with a population of only a hundred.

These pieces have been done largely in collaboration (one may occasionally substitute: confrontation), with Artistic Director, Morris Ertman. They have been used as posters, advertisements, program covers, banners and nearly any other surface that could be made to reflect or project light or receive ink.

Here are some favourites.

Photography: Morris Ertman, Randall Wiebe, Kelsey Krogman, Dion Zdunic Design: Dion Zdunic



Rosebud School of the Arts

Academic Calendar

Look! Just look at those kids!

They are having fun while they learn!



Tyrell Museum 25th Anniversary

Because if you can’t make fun of one of our country’s most prestigious scientific institutions…


Queen Milli

I wonder if we need to pay the models twice for this?


Adam and Eve

Yeah, that's right… I got to use the word "Pigduck" in an ad.



The Kite

Yeah… It's a visual pun. What do you want to do about it?


Jake and the Kid

What is it about WO Mitchell stories that makes me use clouds?


When the Sun Meets the Earth

This was made as a prop for the show. I was nervous like my kid was up there.


Troy Women

Feel good story of the season…