24 hour party people

And then there was Train Records. Five guys with no experience, no idea and no fear started a record label. We managed to squeeze out a compilation CD, make T-shirts that kept getting stolen from the shows and throw a dozen elaborate rock shows. There were bands, comedians, dancing girls and a guy in bear suit riding a tiny bicycle. We made a lot of friends. We made a lot of enemies. Oddly, the enemy stories are more fun to tell. On any given Tuesday, I will buy music before I buy food. I like designing gig posters and CDs. There is something deeply pleasing to a music junkie like me to think that I have contributed to the greater cause of pop music.

Copy and Design: Me. All me. Except where Brian Close helped.



Lovesick Fools

The blues bar where these guys are playing is one of my favourite places in the world. I was quite happy to know that I had some small part in making the joint look just a little more run-down and divey.


Lovesick Fools

This is one of my favourite pieces of printing that I've done in years.


Lovesick Fools

Look how lovesick this fool must be! That's dangerous…


Bar Car Riot

While the stage was filled with burlesque dancers, I got a band called Blood Dungeon to sing Happy Birthday to my mother.

I'm reasonably certain that she hasn't forgiven me.


Train 6, 7, 8

In one of my proudest copywriting moments ever, Brian Close and I wrote the censorship gag.

It was the shirt that got stolen the most from shows, so people must have agreed with us.



Good Night

This place had the best pizza for several hundred miles in any direction.

One of my all-time, favourite headlines.



Train 40

This was the night before I got on a plane to Halifax. Things that got broken that night include (but are not limited to):

  • Noses
  • Promises
  • Hearts




My first foray into throwing needlessly elaborate, balloon-filled rock shows on the East Coast.

Big thanks to Brian Close for his hand in this.