Moving pictures

While at Rare Method, we sponsored the Calgary International Film Festival. What fun, we thought. We sat down to write the sponsorship pre-roll spots we were afforded as part of our support. What we discovered is that we unanimously hated meandering, needlessly pretentious art films.

So we made a series of them.

Creative Directors: Dion Zdunic, Charles Blackwell
Directors: Dion Zdunic, Jason Smith
Writers: Dion Zdunic, Keely Portsmouth
Copywriting: Dion Zdunic, Charles Blackwell
Photography: Jason Smith
Editing: Rich Castillo
Man with the Sign: Brian Close



Le Sommeil

My favourite of the series. Also, the most jokes per second I've ever written.

Watch it.



The observant will note the same yellow shirt elsewhere…

Watch it.




Based on an all-too-true story.

Watch it.


Blutgeschwüre eines aufgepaßte Topfes nie

Noted without comment.

Watch it.


Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore has been banging this drum for years. We nailed in in fifteen seconds.

Watch it.