Oh, the places you'll go

Niagara Falls has more tourist attractions per square foot than anywhere on earth. That may not be accurate, but there are loads of them. The hard part was advertising the wealth of entertainment available, without actually showing any of it. If we showed a water park and not the casino, then the casino folks would be cross. If we showed a winery and not the mini golf… You get the idea.

So we decided to show none of them. Instead, we built packages around personalities that we could use to promote a more personal, customized trip to our country’s greatest attraction (in Ontario). Specific URLs were purchased for each of the characters, which lead to a unique landing page, which leads to the Niagara Falls Tourism booking site.

Fact: Napoleon Bonaparte's brother Jerome had his honeymoon here. Presumably without the mini golfing, but still…

Copy: Dion Zdunic Design: Geoff Butler, Trent Martens



Lily and Julie

We began with two packages. One was directed toward famliy fun and the other to the kind of fun that comes from making a family.

Lily Copy:

Lily loved the water-sliding-mini-golfing-tower-climbing-soaked-from-the-boat-riding-already-wants-to-come-back-for-her-next-birthday package.


Julie Copy:

Julie thought the exploring-wine-country-helicopter-touring-fireworks-watching-and-popping-the-question-on-the-SkyWheel package was fantastic. And said yes.




In transit

Lily and Julie both get to smile their way around on the sides of buses, in such exciting locales as Kingston, Hamilton and Markham.

Not actual size.


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Our fun-seeking heroines also live online, attached to tourism websites, where they will convince people that going to other places is silly and will only earn them the scorn of their friends.

Well, that was my first draft. Instead, we went with a more consistent approach to the copy.