Free your boys

There are days when this business is a glorious, unfettered, creative romp. There are others that are so heartbreaking, that they remind us why we drink. This is the latter.

For months, Watermark and Suitcase combined forces to produce a $4,000,000 product giveaway for Mark's. "This is some revolutionary underwear, " they said. "So let's have a revolution," we said.

TV, radio, online, print – even a million-man (well, a couple dozen, really), march on city hall to protest the uncomfortable, cramped and unpleasant condition in which many of our boys suffer.

Everything was ready to go. We had staging areas around the city where members of the cause would take to the streets, hand out free pairs of underwear and spread the good word of freedom.

The trucks were packed. The shirts were printed. The radio station had agreed to 30 (thirty!), 30 second spots the morning of the march.

A call came in and the campaign was killed.

We all went for a drink.

Copy: Dion Zdunic, Charles Blackwell Design: Trent Martens, Ken Wentz



Boys Liberation Movement

Nimble, scrappy and ready to incite. The mark of the BLM was to be found all over our fair city as word of the revolution spread.


Friends of the movement

The shiny new Facebook timeline came out just in time for us to illustrate the long, selfless struggle that the BLM had undergone.

Read all about it, here.


The revolution was not televised

We did, however, create a YouTube channel for it. But since YouTubized isn't a word, and I hate it when people use nouns as verbs, I'll just leave it alone.



A rare video of the clandestine swearing-in ceremony of the BLM.

Watch it for yourself.

Writing and Video: Dion Zdunic Director: Geoff Butler Producer: Emilie Pageau Bisson




To coincide with the march and live events on the streets, that we had scripted, we produced a series of radio ads, intended to sound like signal hijacks. As normally innocuous ads ran, our boys would hack in and take over the airwaves.

Note: Backing ads are used for illustrative purposes only. They were not necessarily the ads we planned to hijack.

Give 'em a listen.



A thousand monkeys

You what the best part of the internet is? Even though people will engage in editing wars over the correct pronounciation of Star Trek aliens' languages, there are corners where no one is watching what you do at all…



Here is a small sampling of the brave lads who took up the banner to spread the word of freedom to boys everywhere.